Prayer Requests

All Prayer Requests are viewable by the public on this app. Requests that are more confidential may be given to the Prayer Ministry Team. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE REQUEST PORTION.



  • From Wendy: My cousin Becky’s only child, Ranick (15 years old) has been in the Wessington Springs ER since about 2:30. He has pneumonia and is being life flighted to Sanford Childrens soon. Please send out prayers for him and Becky.
  • February 18 Praises and Prayer Concerns
    -praise that Jolynn was here to visit
    -praise that the youth had a great time in Kimball
    -praise that most of the Duncan’s are able to get together for their Christmas today
    -prayers for Jess as she has a heart procedure done this week
    -prayers for Jasper for a possible job in Lake Preston
    -praise for Nona’s birthday today and the godly influence she has on others
    -praise Lannette is back at church and doing well
    -congrats to Dublin on making it to state wrestling
  • From Ada:
    One of my best friends’ fiancee has a brother who was in a bad car accident with his girlfriend. I did not want to ask for details while they were all still at the hospital, but the brother has a severe concussion and is still in the hospital as of Saturday. His girlfriend needed to have brain surgery and also broke her ankle. Additionally, they are both currently looking into reconstructive surgeries. Please pray for them and their families as the healing process begins.
  • Abbi Denison:
    We’ve not said much, but we could use some continued prayers.
    We are expecting baby #2 and we got a diagnosis of gastroschisis and severe growth restriction (making baby about half the size it should be). Gastorschisis is a hole in the abdominal wall causing internal organs to be on the outside. We have a more mild case of just babies intestines being on the outside. I have appointments 3 times a week to monitor baby. We have an appointment next week with a pediatric surgeon to make a plan for baby when it’s born. We have to deliver earlier than our due date in Sioux Falls, baby will have surgery immediately after delivery to either place organs back in or a silo to slowly place them in. We will be in the NICU for some time as well.
  • Ongoing Prayer Concerns
    -Jana Duncan: cancer
    -Chris Watt: cancer
    -Our Country
    -Dalton: growth and development
    -Lydia Van Stedum: developmental progress with speech and behavior
    -The Lost
    -PCC Body: Smith and Duncan Families, Elders and their families
    -Missions We Support: Diamond Willow Ministries, Option 1, NEAP, SDSU Campus Ministry/CSF, Pioneer Bible Translators (Todd and Angela Owen, Paul McAllister), Morgan Brouk/Black Box International, Haiti School of Hope, Pine Haven Christian Assembly, Estelline Food Pantry